• BDO’s Tax Reform Survey 2018

BDO’s Tax Reform Survey

Australia has been tinkering around the edges of holistic tax reform for over a decade, while other countries move ahead. The question is, will the Government deliver real tax reform in the Federal Budget this May? The results of BDO’s 2018 Tax Reform Survey reveal frustration with the tax system but hope that holistic tax reform can repair it.

This is the seventh year BDO has gathered responses from the tax-paying public in relation to the state of tax reform in Australia and we would like to thank all respondents for their participation. Due to your survey responses (250), we were able to examine public sentiment towards tax reform and compare previous years.

BDO is heavily engaged in the tax reform process and committed to broadening the debate to involve more than just those who have a vested interest in the status quo. The future of the tax system in this country is too important and too far-reaching to be considered behind closed doors by only those who have traditionally been engaged in this debate.

Your feedback will inform BDO’s submissions and commentary in any response to the tax reform process and allow us to bring a wider perspective to the table when we participate in consultative forums that is reflective of the public’s views to those in positions of influence.

We look forward to the 2018/19 Federal Budget to be delivered on 8 May 2018 and whether the issues in the BDO’s 2018 Tax Reform Survey are addressed. BDO will release a comprehensive response which will be available on our website.