Comments sought on exposure drafts

At BDO, we provide comments locally to the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) and internationally to the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). We welcome any client comments on exposure drafts that are currently available for comment. If you would like to provide any comments please contact Aletta Boshoff at [email protected].

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ITC 39 Applying the IASB’s Revised Conceptual Framework and Solving the Reporting Entity and Special Purpose Financial Statement Problems Proposes to resolve two problems:
  1. The ‘reporting entity’ definition clash between SAC 1 Definition of the Reporting Entity, and the revised Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting, and
  2. Special purpose financial reporting in Australia.
Phase 2: 9 November 2018 N/A
ITC 40 Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity Sets out the IASB’s rationale for classifications of a financial instrument as either a liability or equity. 26 November 2018 7 January 2019
ITC 41 The AASB’s approach to International Public Sector Accounting Standards Proposes to replace the AASB Approach to IPSASs (issued October 2011) which sets out the conditions necessary for the AASB to adopt International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) for not-for-profit public sector entities in Australia, rather than using IFRS with Australian-specific amendments for such entities. 30 November 2018 N/A