BDO SA provides both traditional and contemporary business advisory, financial, and accounting services to provide professional support and guidance throughout the lifecycle of your business, or personal situation. Our service lines include:


Our advisory services are designed to improve business performance, boost profit margins and/or reduce costs. Clients of all sizes, in public and private sectors, benefit from a range of services designed to improve business performance. These include strategy development, identification of key business drivers, performance improvement, risk management, solutions for business transformation and IT strategy and projects.

We can also help you grow the management capacity, assist with business and succession planning, employee relations and recruitment, strategic marketing advice, organisational reviews and more.


BDO provides a full range of audit services, including financial reporting, management advice on systems and performance, and assessing commercial risks. We tailor our services to your needs.

Corporate Finance

Our team has extensive experience in business valuations, including due diligence projects, public offerings, management buy-outs and buy-ins, valuations, capital raising, financial modelling and independent expert reports.

Economic Research - EconSearch

EconSearch was established in 1995 to provide economic research and consulting services in the agricultural and resource industries throughout Australia, and became a division of BDO SA on 1 July, 2017.

EconSearch provides independent economic analysis and policy advice to firms, industry associations, research & development corporations, regional development boards, government agencies and other organisations. EconSearch has conducted assignments throughout Australia and is well positioned to effectively undertake projects in regional, rural and remote locations across the country.

Family Business

We understand the unique challenges of family business. It’s common to see complex structures involving multiple entities, driven by changes in legislation or family circumstances that no longer reflect what you need. We help balance the needs of the family with those of the business with advice on governance, managing succession, improving communication, developing a family constitution, taxation and trusts.

Finance Solutions

Our team’s experience in finance combined with our capabilities in accounting and business advisory give you truly comprehensive approach to your needs, ensuring that we source the best value package that integrates with your personal or business structures now and into the future that is tax effective and structured for growth.

Forensic Services

From fraud investigations to reviewing transactional data for unusual transactions, our forensic staff are trained to get to the bottom of issues and meet the needs of our clients.

Fraud Risk Assessment

BDO publishes a Fraud Survey every two years, based solely on research from the not-for-profit sector. As a result, BDO has specialist tools and experts who understand not just risk management processes, but specific fraud risks that organisations face.

Growth Services

BDO understands how to sustain business growth and avoid common pitfalls. Using our unique BDO DIAMOND Model of Business Growth©, we can help you understand the growth cycle and anticipate the challenges you are likely to face as your business grows.

Industrial & Organisational Psychology

We have a proven track record of understanding the complex connections between individuals, teams and the organisation, and how best to develop these elements for the benefit of all.

Our approach to the development of both individuals and an organisation reflects our consultants genuine unique blend of qualifications and consulting expertise gained throughout all states of Australia and Asia Pacific regions including Hong Kong/China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

Business Services

In addition to traditional compliance services, such as preparing financial statements and income tax returns, we help individuals and businesses step back from the day-to-day and focus on the bigger picture. We can review operations for efficiencies; recommend strategies to improve cash flow and help you understand the real drivers of profitability.

Private Wealth

BDO provides specialised financial planning and wealth management advice to individuals and business owners, including investments, superannuation, insurance and estate planning. We support clients to meet their goals through focussing on their current situation, personal needs and risk profile.


Our specialists support those operating self-managed superannuation funds to meet regulatory requirements through compliance, administration and audit services. We also advise on the income tax implications of strategies such as contribution splitting, transitional pensions and term allocated pensions.

Tax advice & consulting

Our team can help you identify and optimise opportunities, ensure compliance and minimise your tax liability through our advice tax issues including corporate and income taxes, capital gains tax, employment taxes, GST, Research and Development concessions and grants, and international tax.


BDO has experience and capability across a broad range of industry sectors, including: