• BDO SA - State Business Survey 2019

    Driving the direction for business in South Australia.

2019 SA State Business Survey

Support local South Australian Businesses

The results of the 6th annual BDO State Business Survey are in.

Thank you to all those who shared their views about the day-to-day experiences of doing business in South Australia – the opportunities, challenges and ideas we can all learn from.

Your responses will inform our advocacy on behalf of SA’s business community and drive conversation about ensuring SA is a place where business can flourish.

Comments from respondents paint the picture of a business community that is feeling frustrated and getting pressured from several fronts - yet these businesses are fiercely loyal to their client base, to South Australia and its unparalleled lifestyle. They are still looking to grow, source the right employees with the skills to meet their needs, and help steer SA in the right direction.

The results have been provided to the media, State Government, Opposition and relevant industry bodies for discussion, which will be ongoing.

We invite you to read the results report and join the conversation - when the SMEs that are so integral to our economy speak, we should all listen to what they have to say.

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