CAPS is a computer-assisted audit tool developed by BDO to help internal and external auditors of Financial Institutions using the following computerised financial packages:

# - “FCS” by CUSCAL
* - “Ultracs” (formerly GCS) by ULTRADATA

Throughout this handbook they will be referred to as the 'Financial Package'.

This CAPS - Auditors Handbook is designed to give all the information needed by an auditor to conduct audit tests using the package. It also gives information to help the auditor plan an audit using the package, and suggests how to use the results of the tests.

This handbook assumes that you are:

  • A qualified and experienced auditor
  • Familiar with the Financial Package
  • Familiar with the Financial Institution’s accounting system and financial controls.
  • A willing one-finger computer operator, capable of following screen-based instructions.

and also assumes you have not been trained in computer auditing.

If you are not familiar with CAPS we strongly suggest you read Section 0 - Introduction before trying to do anything else. It gives you the minimum information you'll need.

Once you are familiar with CAPS you probably won't need to refer to Section 0 again.

Kendalls Consulting Pty Ltd: Copyright (c) 1981
Brisbane, Australia
First publication: 1981
Second publication: 1986
Third publication: 1988
Fourth Version: 1988
Fifth Version: March 1993
Sixth Version: December 1995
Web Version October 1998
Web Version May 2010
All rights reserved

Manual designed and prepared by BDO

# FCS is a trademark of CUSCAL Australia Pty Limited.
* FACTS, GCS and Ultracs are trademarks of ULTRADATA.

Important Notes

While using the CAPS audit package the auditor will need to continue to use normal professional care, skill and diligence to fulfil his or her audit responsibilities. Every effort has been made to ensure there are no errors or omissions in either the CAPS package or this handbook. However BDO, its staff and its agents do not accept any liability for any errors or omissions, nor do they accept any responsibility whatsoever for any audit of any Financial Institution conducted using CAPS - whether conducted in accordance with the guidelines in this handbook or not.

Examples have been used throughout this handbook to help explain some of the points and audit tests. While some of these examples are based on real life situations, the details have been substantially altered to make identification impossible. Therefore any resemblance to any individuals or institutions is entirely co-incidental.