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Australian business and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The impact of COVID-19 on Australian businesses and their balance sheets is unprecedented. Although the level and type of threats vary greatly across businesses, executives and boards need to rapidly assess their exposure and prepare response plans to ensure they can generate sufficient cash to survive.

To assist you in safeguarding your business, and keeping your business running, our advisers have developed a range of resources.

How Australia’s boards can lead the return to work process

Australia’s boards are in the position to take charge of this effort and lead us to a better, healthier, safer work environment - but how?

Implications of COVID-19 on migration

The Ministerial Statement on the Economy in the wake of COVID-19 to Parliament on 12 May 2020 referred to the unparalleled economic impact of the crisis, which has put the Australian way of life on hold.

Effective Data Governance during and post-COVID-19

The question that we get asked most often by clients in relation to Data Governance is – Where do I start and how do I ensure we don’t over spend on implementing Data Governance?

ATO confirms NDIS income is included in turnover test for JobKeeper Payment Scheme

On 14 May 2020, the National Disability Services published a document in which the Australian Taxation Office confirms that payments to charities for providing National Disability Insurance Scheme services are not ‘government income’ and therefore cannot be excluded when calculating their turnover for the purposes of the JobKeeper Payment Scheme.

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