• Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Australian Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stimulus Measures

The Australian Government has released a number of economic stimulus measures for businesses and individuals in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our advisers have provided their expert commentary on these measures and how businesses can access them via a range of technical updates, webinars and articles. 

Please note that some of the earlier resources listed below may contain information that has since been updated by the Government and the ATO. Please contact your local BDO adviser for assistance specifically relating to your circumstances.


05/10/2020 - 2020 Federal Budget
24/09/2020 - Technical Update: Legislative instrument on JobKeeper alternative turnover tests
23/09/2020 - Technical Update: Legislative instruments on JobKeeper extension
18/09/2020 - Technical Update: 10% turnover reduction certificate for Fair Work concessions
24/08/2020 - Technical Update: 31 August due date for JobKeeper payments for new eligible employees
07/08/2020 - Technical Update: JobKeeper extension turnover test eased
21/07/2020 - Technical Update: JobKeeper extended until March 2021 with two-tiered rates and JobSeeker also extended
10/06/2020 - Technical Update: Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme extended to 31 December 2020
22/05/2020 - Technical Update: ATO confirms NDIS income is included in turnover test for JobKeeper Payment Scheme
05/05/2020 - Technical Update: Amendments to JobKeeper scheme including modified turnover test for businesses and ATO guidance on schemes
27/04/2020 - Technical Update: Amendments to JobKeeper program and extensions for enrolment and payment for first two fortnights
24/04/2020 - Technical Update: ATO legislative instrument on JobKeeper alternative test
20/04/2020 - Business Tool: The JobKeeper Payments Scheme 
15/04/2020 - Article: Land tax relief for Queensland commercial and residential property owners
09/04/2020 - Webinar: COVID-19 Webinar: JobKeeper Payments
09/04/2020 - Business Tool: FAQs on Australia’s COVID-19 economic stimulus tax measures
09/04/2020 - Technical Update: Legislation with COVID-19 JobKeeper wage subsidy payments scheme passed
09/04/2020 - Article: What can Not-For-Profit organisations gain from Government stimulus packages for businesses?
06/04/2020 - Article: Queensland COVID-19 finance update
03/04/2020 - Webinar: Latest Stimulus Updates
03/04/2020 - Webinar: Federal & SA Government Stimulus Packages for businesses
02/04/2020 - Business Tool: BDO checklist of Australian COVID-19 economic stimulus tax measures
01/04/2020 - Webinar: Federal & NSW Government Stimulus Packages for businesses
30/03/2020 - Technical Update: Government’s economic response to COVID-19 includes JobKeeper payments scheme
23/03/2020 - Technical Update: Government’s economic response to COVID-19 includes relief for individuals
23/03/2020 - Technical Update: The Employment Tax and Mobility implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
18/03/2020 - Technical Update: Australian States deliver economic stimulus packages in response to coronavirus including tax measures
13/03/2020 - Technical Update: Government’s economic response to COVID-19 includes cash flow assistance for businesses.

Refer to our Federal Budget information for a running commentary on all government economic and tax announcements.