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13 September 2019

Aligning your workforce to future value drivers is the first important step. We will discuss job redesign considerations to ensure our workforces meet evolving and dynamic operating models. 

17 September 2019

BDO invites you to attend a complimentary Queensland Exporters Masterclass on Tuesday 17 September covering international transaction and tax planning with their expert team of advisers.

Thursday 19 September 2019

Focussing on the technologies driving business sustainability and efficiency in Agriculture, this event will bring together leading AgTech innovators to showcase technologies and approaches which are making a practical impact in Agribusiness.With attention in Agriculture often focussed on...

20 September 2019

While a company relies on their founder’s ambition and investment, there may come a time when outside capital is needed to finance further growth, execute a full or partial exit for owners, or optimise their capital structure.Many successful businesses looking to accelerate growth arrive at this...

Tuesday 24 September

We are excited to launch the results of this year's survey at a cocktail event with distinguished guests and an insightful panel discussion about the direction for business in South Australia.We hope you can join us to hear the views, challenges, opportunities and big ideas of SA's business...

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10 October 2019

Community Health leaders continue to face challenges associated with growing patient needs and numbers, limited availability of skilled staff and inadequate business models. To further compound this, the costs to meet patient needs continue to escalate.

11 October 2019

From this workshop you will be able to manage the change needed to transition your workforce to meet future service delivery demands and be able to consider some of the more contemporary solutions being used by organisations to deal with managing these workforce transitions.

11 October 2019

At this popular Forum, various sessions will take place over a day and a half, along with social and networking opportunities.

15 October 2019

The Business Growth Program is unlike any other business coaching program out there. 

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