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New media, new opportunities

The media and entertainment industry is riding a wave of digital disruption. Consumers and businesses have gone mobile and online, migrating rapidly to new media. Digital continues to take over the advertising world as companies compete to effectively target an increasingly segmented audience.

The need for micro-segmentation is fuelling demand for live and original content, data analytics and highly specific and curated native advertising. Mergers and acquisitions activity in the industry is high, driven by the need to acquire local market knowledge and skills. Pursuing new revenue opportunities and retaining talent are among the top priorities for media and entertainment providers.

BDO’s Media & Entertainment experts can help you with:

  • Market intelligence and shared insights
  • Timely commercial advice on buy-outs and deal structures
  • Access to professional networks that include key industry players
  • Technically proficient local experts with direct access to global networks
  • Commercially driven, tailored solutions backed by operational best practices.