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14 January 2021

Manufacturing is a key part of the Federal Government’s strategy to help build Australia’s competitive strength and support our economic recovery. We share some practical tips and advice for small to medium manufacturers looking to pursue the current grant opportunities available in Australia.

22 December 2020

ASIC undertake annual inspections of BDO audit files to promote improvements and maintenance of audit quality. Audit quality is important as a quality independent audit supports a financial report that provides useful and meaningful information to users of these financial reports.

21 December 2020

Many multinational enterprises (MNEs) will be reviewing their financial statements and transfer pricing strategies this quarter. Planning and implementing appropriate interest rates, along with preparing debt capacity analyses, are important in supporting intercompany financial arrangements.

18 December 2020

On 11 December 2020, the Australian Taxation Office provided updated guidance to foreign resident employers with employees in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic who are unable to return to their home jurisdictions. The revised guidance is intended to help foreign employers determine their...

17 December 2020

The Federal Treasurer has released the 2020-21 Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) in which he indicates the Australian economy is rebounding strongly since the 2020-21 Federal Budget was released. In particular, around 80 per cent of the 1.3 million people who lost their jobs or were stood...

17 December 2020

As the year comes to a close, Australian manufacturers are considering both the present and the future. For Australian manufacturers to thrive in this ‘new normal’ digital transformation will be critical, as BDO’s National Leader, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Ryan Pollett and Executive Director...

16 December 2020

The Payment Times Reporting Scheme applies from 1 January 2021. Large organisations and SMEs should take action now to prepare.

16 December 2020

The final episode of BDO's Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards Webinar Series for 2020.DOWNLOAD THE SLIDESFind more webinars in this series below:2020 BDO FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ACCOUNTING STANDARDS WEBINAR SERIES

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