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20 April 2021

Take up of restructuring for small businesses provided by the legislation enacted 1 January 2021 has been slow, but this may change now JobKeeper assistance has come to an end. The small business restructure reform is intended to provide a path back to solvency for companies impacted by the...

16 April 2021

The Federal Court has dismissed the appellants appeal in its recent decision in H20 Exchange Pty Ltd (H2O) v Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) [2021] FCA 11. H2O undertook a project to establish an online water exchange platform that would allow the sale and purchase of water rights in the...

15 April 2021

Food and agribusiness is one of the main focus sectors for BDO Nationally. Our depth of practice supports the industry and expands well beyond our highly capable teams, giving BDO a comprehensive ability to deliver quality services.

15 April 2021

For businesses wanting to access capital, there is often reluctance to unlock funding through private markets, particularly through private equity (PE). However, the private markets in Australia offer vast potential for businesses wanting to expand at speed and to step up a gear.

15 April 2021

Fraud has been, is being, and will always be committed, even as the avenues for theft and what is stolen evolves. We continue to see a vicious circle between opportunities and vulnerabilities being revealed, and internal controls and technological adaptation being implemented to seal the gaps...

14 April 2021

Australia’s construction industry undoubtedly brings immense benefit to the economy and the prosperity of many Australians, as an employer to one of the largest workforces.

14 April 2021

Successful transition of ownership is a key risk facing many dealerships. We take a look at some key factors we’ve found to make or break a successful transfer of ownership between generations of family.

13 April 2021

The financial advice industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, impacting industry operations and future outlook. To date, large institutions and their advisers have accounted for the lion share of the industry, with smaller boutique operations, who focus on client needs...

13 April 2021

The biggest vaccination campaign in history is underway, with flattening or declining COVID-19 infection rates being reported in countries with effective rollout programs. This is positive news for future health implications of the pandemic, but the financial impacts are more convoluted.

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