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12 December 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, ‘Industry 4.0’ is characterised by the interconnected relationship between technology, data and people – the more data businesses can collect, interpret and leverage, the better they can drive effective decision making.

05 December 2019

There has recently been a swathe of news reports focusing on the underpayment of staff among some of Australia’s largest and highest-profile corporate employers.

04 December 2019

Australian CEOs are out of touch with their cyber security team regarding the preparedness of their business, and the risks posed by cyber threats. This was highlighted in a recent Unisys report, which highlights differing perspectives between CEOs and their CISOs.

04 December 2019

The introduction of the Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) twenty years ago, gave Australians greater flexibility, control and choice over how and what they invest their retirement savings in.

03 December 2019

Representatives from BDO and senior executives from West Australian mining services companies recently held a round-table discussion on the opportunities and challenges in the current market, the future of the industry and the advent of alternative sources of funding.

03 December 2019

Where to begin with a summary of the SA Government’s ‘historic’ land tax reform?

02 December 2019

Most of us want to be in control of our finances, but taking the first steps towards financial planning can seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be though if you first take a step back and assess what stage of life you are in and how this impacts your financial position.

02 December 2019

Many successful fintechs looking to accelerate growth arrive at this crossroad and, whilst access to finance may not always be a challenge, determining which route to take, and when, can be.

02 December 2019

The Government previously announced a Federal Budget measure to remove the main residence exemption from foreign residents for Australian capital gains tax (CGT) purposes. The Bill for the measure was introduced before the last election but lapsed.

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