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27 October 2020

Insights from BDO’s recent Financial Reporting Risk Review show that of the major concerns currently facing organisations across corporate Australia, cash flow is the most pressing financial reporting risk. Here BDO’s Aletta Boshoff, National Leader, IFRS Advisory and Ashley Bleeker, Director...

27 October 2020

When you invest in a superannuation fund, one of the benefits you expect to receive as a member is that fund income will be taxed at a concessional tax rate of 15% (10% for capital gains where the asset is held for longer than 12 months) or 0% after the retirement phase pension commences.

26 October 2020

With many relief packages – both public and private – ending in September, there’s a growing concern that without a transition plan, many Australian businesses deferring payments will now face a ‘debt (or fiscal) cliff’, and if unprepared, won’t survive. This article outlines how businesses...

26 October 2020

The Federal Government has a vision to lift the value of Australia’s agricultural production to $100 billion by 2030, and the 2020 Federal Budget allocated funding to key pillars to support this growth.

23 October 2020

It's no secret that COVID-19 has forced companies into high-level changes and adjustments, challenging these businesses' very survival.

21 October 2020

The Government announced a new Modern Manufacturing Strategy as part of its JobMaker plan to stimulate the Australian economy. The strategy will see $1.5 billion invested in Australian manufacturing for five years from 2020-21, targeting six National Manufacturing Priorities identified as either...

21 October 2020

The 2020 Federal Budget announced additional funding over four years to implement changes deigned to protect superannuation member’s retirement benefits via increased levies on regulated financial institutions.

16 October 2020

South Australia is a state largely dominated by small to medium private businesses. So, what will last week’s big-spending federal budget mean for the state’s economy?

16 October 2020

In response to Australia’s contracting economy, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and the Morrison Government confirmed an allocation of more than $20 billion in the 2020-2021 Federal Budget to expedite infrastructure projects and road safety upgrades.

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