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01 August 2019

Recently, the Full Federal Court ruled against a restricted interpretation of what constitutes 'core R&D activities'.

30 July 2019

Cyber fraud and data breaches are rampant and a growing concern globally. The number and level of sophistication of cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Nation-state and criminal cyber attack groups are often working together by deploying an ever-expanding array of social-engineered...

26 July 2019

With the current challenges in respect to profitability and the FY19 financial year behind you, now is an opportune time to consider our FAST 15 checklist to ensure you are well positioned for the year ahead.

23 July 2019

The ATO is increasing its audit activity and actively pursuing property developers for failing to repay input tax credits (ITCs) of the GST claimed where there has been a change in the intended or actual use of a property development.

23 July 2019

The Public Trustee has announced the results of the Gaming Machine Operating Authorities tender, which closed on 3 April 2019. Results for each region are summarised.

23 July 2019

Rising commodity prices and a volatile international currency market are familiar concepts. Consumers and business have seen very starkly that we are not insulated from the events in other parts of the world, everything is interconnected. 

15 July 2019

Fast growth is one of the main challenges facing Indigenous boards. Health, tourism and employment services have grown fast in North Queensland over the past few years.

04 July 2019

Digital transformation is a hot topic at the moment, but what does it actually mean? All too often, people discuss digital transformation in theory without knowing what it really looks like in practice. At BDO, we see digital transformation as two-pronged, whereby you find ways to improve...

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