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29 May 2020

The Ministerial Statement on the Economy in the wake of COVID-19 to Parliament on 12 May 2020 referred to the unparalleled economic impact of the crisis, which has put the Australian way of life on hold.

29 May 2020

With Australia’s COVID-19 lockdowns easing, the disease appearing to be better controlled, and hopes high that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, businesses across Australia are turning their heads to the prospect of returning to work under a changed or ‘new normal’ operating...

28 May 2020

As many Australian businesses look to bring their finance function back onshore what are the key things they should be looking for in a virtual outsourced CFO?

27 May 2020

Many young people either think they are not vulnerable or think they do not have enough ‘wealth’ to make it worthwhile putting a Will in place. The reality is that this is far from the truth. Estate planning (managing your asset base in the event of your incapacitation or death) is necessary for...


Article: Effective Data Governance during and post-COVID-19

26 May 2020

The question that I get asked most often by clients in relation to Data Governance is – Where do I start and how do I ensure we don’t over spend on implementing Data Governance?

21 May 2020

As 30 June approaches, superannuation strategies come to the forefront, particularly now we have seen the economic and societal changes and challenges that COVID-19 has and will continue to present over the year ahead. 


Article: What will a post COVID-19 world look like?

21 May 2020

At the time of writing this article, the ASX 200 index has recovered over +20% from its March lows. Why is this, and what are investors telling us about the post-COVID-19 global economy?

21 May 2020

As audit committees weigh the practical challenges of accounting, reporting and disclosing the impacts of COVID-19 and new Accounting Standards for 30 June 2020, the following series of questions are designed to assist audit committees in execution of their oversight roles and responsibilities to...

19 May 2020

How well do you understand the resilience and security controls of your key vendors and suppliers?

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