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20 March 2019

Aletta Boshoff and Kevin Frohbus present webinar - Practical Issues when Implementing IFRS 9.

19 March 2019

This March 2019 issue of BDO’s Transfer Pricing Newsletter focuses on recent developments in the field of transfer pricing on an international level and in Azerbaijan, Botswana, Hungary, Israel, and Thailand. 

19 March 2019

For a long-time there has been the misconception that the provision of a ute (single or dual cab) to an employee is exempt from FBT, regardless of the type of ute or the amount of private usage.

19 March 2019

This article is part 1 of BDO Technology Advisory’s Data for CDO’s series – aimed at helping Chief Data Officers navigate and better understand the key data issues they face in their role, including management, governance, quality and valuation.

19 March 2019

BDO's FBT Snapshot provides a hit list of topical areas that have experienced change or increased ATO compliance activity. Mindful consideration of these specified areas when preparing your lodgement will be critical to avoid unwanted attention from the ATO.

16 March 2019

With 31 March just around the corner, employers are beginning to think about their Fringe Benefits Tax (‘FBT’) obligations. It can be helpful to know what the Australia Taxation Office (‘ATO’) is focusing its attention on this FBT season.

16 March 2019

When I started at BDO I was immediately assigned a buddy. They were able to introduce me to the superannuation software BDO uses while also being able to walk me through how to process a superfund, prepare the tax return and signed documents.

16 March 2019

If you’ve been hearing a lot about Single Touch Payroll Reporting (STPR), be prepared, it is not going away. That's because as of July 1, 2018, it was made compulsory for substantial employers (those with more than 20 employees).

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