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02 December 2019

The Government previously announced a Federal Budget measure to remove the main residence exemption from foreign residents for Australian capital gains tax (CGT) purposes. The Bill for the measure was introduced before the last election but lapsed.

13 November 2019

There is only one constant in the world – change. While some directors may have achieved successes in the boardroom with certain attributes, the endlessly changing world is now asserting demands for new attributes of future directors to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

31 March 2019

We now have a date. The ALP announced last week that if they win at the next Federal Election, it would seek to introduce its tax policy to remove negative gearing on properties that are not new and reduce the capital gains tax (CGT) discount to 25% from 1 January 2020.

31 January 2018

Are cryptocurrencies a legitimate investment? As an accountant, outside the context of a business, an investment is by definition something that is likely increase in value over time.

09 October 2015

Unit trusts have long been popular property investment vehicles, especially where multiple owners are involved.

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