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14 May 2020

As the Australian Federal Government moves to ease restrictions, it is time for retailers to prepare for re-opening in the ‘new normal’. Australians have been cooped up in their homes and are keen to get out and about – and retail will be a big part of this. While the old way of shopping may be...

31 March 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies across Australia, more stringent measures will be introduced to contain the spread. Australian companies have been told to ‘hibernate’ through the crisis. But simply waiting out COVID-19 is not an option for retailers. Adaptive business practices are crucial...

23 July 2019

Rising commodity prices and a volatile international currency market are familiar concepts. Consumers and business have seen very starkly that we are not insulated from the events in other parts of the world, everything is interconnected. 

13 March 2019

BDO's Mark Schiavello rounds up everything you need to know from ASX-listed retailers' recent half year results.

13 February 2019

BDO's Mark Schiavello discusses the war on waste and why sustainability is becoming more important than ever for retailers.

19 October 2018

BDO is pleased to be the presenting partner of the Power 30. Competition in the Australian retail industry is fierce, with the recent influx of new entrants suggesting apocalyptic change. 

18 October 2018

Discounts are all around us, and as consumers, we have become conditioned to only purchase when we feel we are getting a bargain. How does the impact discounting have on your brand?

05 September 2018

In this article we will unpack a unique use-case for robotics in omni retail today. Most importantly, this solution was developed by an Australian owned and operated robotics company and is available for use by Australian retailers.

09 August 2018

According to commercial real estate analysts, rents are on the rise. A Colliers International report into the retail leasing sector revealed that in the second half of 2017, average gross rents in CBD areas increased by ~25% over the past year. 

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