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29 April 2020

Following industry lobbying, the Queensland Government recently released residential rent guidelines to support landlords and property managers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

08 April 2020

The Prime Minister announced the States and Territories will introduce legislation to create a mandatory industry code of practice for commercial tenancy agreements impacted by COVID-19. However, it is critical to note the industry code will not apply to residential tenancies. Instead, they will...

02 April 2020

In light of the current challenges to the retail environment, there are growing concerns from commercial tenants for some form of rental relief if their businesses are to stay viable during and post the COVID-19 crisis.

11 March 2020

There is increasing media buzz and excitement around build-to-rent (BTR). The future success of BTR can be evaluated through five key market factors: demand, innovation, finance, tax and planning. While the market factors of demand, innovation and finance are progressing ahead rapidly, government...

19 November 2019

Build-to-rent is gaining momentum with institutional investors looking to balance out their portfolios. Why? It is seen by many institutional investors as a defensive asset.

23 October 2019

Build to Rent is the newest asset class to hit the Australian property market designed to improve the tenant experience by focusing on three key elements – community, convenience and flexibility.

06 August 2019

There has been a lot spoken and speculated about the ‘Build to Rent’ market and whether this asset class will indeed ever make its way down under.

23 November 2017

The changes to depreciation claims and travel costs that were announced in the Federal Budget this year were designed to make housing in Australia more affordable.

05 August 2016

Australia's residential housing market is facing similar challenges to New York City's. What can we learn from their solutions?

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