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04 June 2021

Reflections Holiday Parks operate some 37 tourist parks across New South Wales, and use BDO’s business intelligence tool, Parki, to gain maximum value from their data.

25 August 2020

Data doesn't need to be daunting. Used effectively, it will ensure your business decisions are as efficient and well-informed as they can be. Harnessing the right data at the right time, in one easy to navigate place, can make all the difference.

29 June 2020

As one of the most tumultuous financial years draws to a close, it is time for tourism industry operators to begin addressing the myriad of tax and business considerations related to EOFY planning.

05 December 2019

There has recently been a swathe of news reports focusing on the underpayment of staff among some of Australia’s largest and highest-profile corporate employers.

17 April 2019

Preparing your business for sale isn't a process you should start six months or even a year before exiting. Those who get the best deal are the ones who have the end in mind right from the start.

12 December 2018

It's a great feeling when you finally get through the sale of your business. You've got that lump sum in the bank and tax effectively out of your business and the stress of the last few months (or longer) is behind you. However, there are still questions to consider even after you complete the...

26 February 2018

Tourist park owners need to ask themselves what the park of the future may look like if they are to get a handle on what innovation could mean for them.

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