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04 March 2020

As Coronavirus cases continue to rise, it is an important time for organisations to consider how they plan to continue their operations should key employees become ill. BDO has compiled a list of items that an organisation should consider and prepare for as part of their business continuity plan.

18 November 2019

For QBCC licence holders, the benefits of trusts carry a burden when it comes to assessing the Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR).

21 May 2013

In this edition we look at the new and amended standards that apply for the 30 June 2013 reporting season and whether the new consolidation and joint arrangement standards are likely to change your financial statements.

21 April 2013

In this edition we take a detailed look at the IASB's proposals relating to impairment of financial instruments and dealing with accounting for expected credit losses. We also look at a rejection by the IFRS Interpretations Committee and the AASB's proposed guidance for not-for-profit entities...

21 March 2013

In this edition we look at initial views on the AASB's proposed additional disclosures for investment entities as well as proposed changes to the Corporations Act 2001 dividend rules and new disclosures that will be required in remuneration reports for listed entities.

21 February 2013

In this month's newsletter, we look at proposed clarifications to existing Accounting Standards, as well as proposals by the AASB to require investment entities to disclose extensive additional consolidated information.

18 December 2012

In this month's newsletter, we look at changes to financial reporting requirements for 31 December 2012 and areas ASIC will be focussing on during their annual surveillance programme.

21 November 2012

In this month's newsletter, we look at the new investment entities standard which exempts investment entities from having to consolidate subsidiaries and controlled entities under IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements.

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