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31 May 2019

BDO in Brisbane hosted a highly engaging session with ATO Associate Director, Leanne Conroy, discussing the practical implementation of Single Touch Payroll Reporting (STPR) rules in Australia.

18 April 2019

BDO regularly tracks the health of the explorers market via its Explorer Quarterly Cash Update. Here Adam Myers, Partner, Corporate Finance talks about the six trends we expect to see affect the mining industry going forward.

04 March 2019

BDO in Brisbane Partner, Hung Tran, shares his predictions for the Real Estate and Construction sector in 2019.

01 March 2019

BDO in Brisbane Partner, Hung Tran, shares his predictions on how a proposed change in negative gearing rules (if there is a change in Federal Government) will impact the property sector.

05 December 2018

Recently BDO Melbourne was pleased to collaborate with the Australia China Business council to host the Future of Retail Forum.

25 October 2018

BDO's Research and Development Partner, Nicola Purser, shares her insights on the R&D tax incentive and some of the other government grants that are available for companies who are undertaking R&D and commercialisation activities.

17 September 2018

Business is all about finding market opportunities and understanding your future direction. It’s important to look ahead to the future of business, and understand important considerations that business owners must make when considering the future.

01 August 2018

Overall, the outlook for the property sector is a bit of a mix bag with some sectors likely to do better than others over the next 12 month period.

01 August 2018

The manufacturing sector has a great year ahead of it. Through the use of robotization, many manufacturers are starting to re-shore their processes back to Australia due to reduced costs. This is helping to create opportunities in the sector and increased employment.

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