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23 June 2021

Russell Postle guides you through two areas of taxation law from the perspective of NFPs and charities. He details GST and income tax and outline the actions NFPs and charities should be applying to their activities.

23 June 2021

Are you interested in an easy way to stay up to date with financial reporting and accounting standards which impact your business? Join us for our complimentary webinars.

16 June 2021

In this webinar, BDO's IFRS Advisory National Leader, Aletta Boshoff, and Not-for-profit National Leader, Anthony Whyte, detailed the key areas and standards that all NFPs need to understand for financial reports.

09 June 2021

Accessing government incentives can be difficult and hard to understand. The rules around incentives keep evolving, so it is vital organisations understand the process to ensure they put their best foot forward.BDO Partners Nicola Purser and Travis Maddox, along with Senior Manager Joel Brown...

09 June 2021

In this webinar, Russell Postle outlines:Updates on clarification about who's in and who's out of the PLSL schemeExamples of PLSL calculations for workersExplanations covering employer contributionsAdvice on accounting principles for LSL responsibilities and impact of PLSL entitlementsRecord...

03 June 2021

Aged care has remained in the spotlight this year, with the Federal Government releasing its response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s recommendations and several aged care focused initiatives in the 2021 Federal Budget.

02 June 2021

In this webinar, BDO's Employment Tax expert, Judy White, outlined:Fringe Benefits TaxEmployee vs. volunteer vs. independent contractorsMain concessions - FBT exemption and FBT rebateCapping thresholdsLodging an FBT returnOther concessions - Including benefits provided by registered religious...

28 May 2021

With the introduction of Consumer Data Right (CDR) last July, how are participants responding, what has the journey been like and what do we expect to happen next?In this webinar, we take a look at the open banking landscape with Jill Berry, Co-Founder and CEO of Australia's CDR platform, Adatree...

26 May 2021

Operating in the not-for-profit sector presents many challenges. Change is constant and the pressure to keep up with government policies, reporting standards and challenges from external forces can be a lot to manage.That's why BDO's experienced not-for-profit advisory team is hosting a series of...

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