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18 December 2018

The goal of the Justified Trust program is to further enhance the level of confidence in taxpayers and embrace the global view that tax risk management should be a part of good corporate governance.

17 December 2018

Note: This content was originally published in Who's Who Legal Thought Leaders: Corporate Immigration 2019. Maria Jockel is the legal principal and national leader of BDO Migration Services. She is a Law Institute of Victoria-accredited specialist in immigration law and a registered migration...

12 December 2018

It's a great feeling when you finally get through the sale of your business. You've got that lump sum in the bank and tax effectively out of your business and the stress of the last few months (or longer) is behind you. However, there are still questions to consider even after you complete the...

12 December 2018

Most of us want to be in control of our finances, but taking the first steps towards financial planning can seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be though if you first take a step back and assess what stage of life you are in and how this impacts your financial position.

12 December 2018

The period of uncertainty and caution exhibited over the last few years which saw many of the ASX Listed Junior Explorers take their foot off the accelerator, may have come to an end.

11 December 2018

Over the last few years, individuals across the world have slowly started to appreciate that their data has real value. People are realising that the personal information they have been eagerly posting onto social media platforms is valuable.

07 December 2018

Australia has continued a robust and restrictive legislative reform program. It aims to protect Australian jobs by increasing the quality and economic contribution of skilled migrants, and by only accessing them when the required skills are unavailable in Australian workers.

05 December 2018

The technology in the renewables market is evolving at a rapid rate with new solutions being brought to market regularly.

05 December 2018

As a start, two key systems that can assist your data management are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Processing (ERP).

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