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07 August 2020

Second chances are rare and this one needs to be grabbed while you still can. Back in February the Senate approved the proposed Superannuation Amnesty Bill, paving the way for employers to self-correct historical non-compliance with their superannuation guarantee obligations.

31 July 2020

For professional athletes, tax time is not always straight forward. Download BDO’s Professional Athlete Tax Checklist to get a head start on what expenses you can claim against your sports related income.

30 July 2020

The Economic and Fiscal update announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg shows Australia’s Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality sector has a long road to recovery. BDO Audit Partner, Clayton Eveleigh discusses.

28 July 2020

With many relief packages – both public and private – ending in September, there’s a growing concern that without a transition plan, many Australian businesses deferring payments will now face a ‘debt (or fiscal) cliff’, and if unprepared, won’t survive. This article outlines how businesses...

28 July 2020

Data is such a valuable asset for any organisation. Just as understanding the financial implication of every business decision you make, tracking and measuring your marketing data is critical for any successful growth strategy.

28 July 2020

All organisations, regardless of size or industry, have been affected by COVID-19. There is little point gazing into your rear vision mirror at past business performance. We suggest looking forward to assess what is possible in this post pandemic economy and building a financial roadmap for your...

27 July 2020

What is a friend? Many of us think we know the answer, but when it comes to workplace investigations, the definition of who or what a friend is when considering conflicts of interest (COI) is not so straight forward.

27 July 2020

Who would have thought we would be bringing in the new financial year in what is still such an uncertain time? Now more than ever, we are encouraging Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) trustees to reach out for anything they might need and to keep us in the loop on any changes happening in their...

27 July 2020

In the face of the deepest global recession since the 1930s and the unfolding health crisis, share markets have rebounded strongly. Since the low reached in March 2020, the United States share market is up more than 45% and the Australian share market has risen nearly 35%. The strength of these...

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