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28 February 2020

The Productivity Commission issued a final report on 26 February 2020, maintaining the proposed changes to remote area housing benefits concessions contained in the draft report. The Productivity Commission released the draft report on Remote Area Tax Concessions and Payments in August/September...

27 February 2020

With the largest intergenerational wealth transfer on the horizon, it is important to consider exactly how your wealth would be distributed if you were to pass away. Testamentary trusts are an effective estate planning strategy that may be suitable for some families. Testamentary trusts can be...

27 February 2020

Wealth Advisers are often asked, ‘How much money do I need for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement?’ Clients are often looking for a magic number, and the answer to this question will ultimately boil down to the spending habits and behaviours formed during your working years.

27 February 2020

For many, receiving an inheritance will come at a time of sadness and reflection after losing a close loved one. While this may not be an ideal time to make complex financial decisions, it is a good idea to take a step back and consider your options with time.

26 February 2020

Benchmarking is a powerful business tool, enabling decision-makers to make informed decisions. In this article we discuss four non-financial benchmarks that you should consider in your construction business, based on our experiences, to ensure long-term performance.

24 February 2020

It is the responsibility of each and every employer to do right by their employees. Now more so than ever as the landscape paints a troubling picture for any organisation looking for sympathy in the public eye. But as is the case with problems of this magnitude, there is not one simple solution...

21 February 2020

Australia now has a roadmap for the blockchain sector - but is it bold enough to help realise the full potential of blockchain in Australia?

20 February 2020

The renewable energy sector requires new ways of thinking about energy generation, new ways of working and new approaches to resource consumption. As climate change becomes an increasingly bigger issue, governments and industry bodies are responding with new policies and incentives. This report...

20 February 2020

It was at the start of my fourth year of a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University when I applied for a Graduate role at BDO Melbourne. I had about a half year of study to go, but I applied quite early on as it’s reassuring when completing your studies, knowing you have a position lined up to...

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