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13 May 2020

The past few months have seen significant changes to our personal and business circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No doubt you are well aware of the impact this is having on your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) and superannuation balances, but there are specific matters that SMSF...

24 February 2020

In this month’s Accounting News the spotlight is on 2020’s ‘hot topis’, namely lease accounting (IFRS 16) and revenue/income recognition by not-for-profit entities. We also include updates of the latest developments in the accounting world.

31 October 2019

BDO’s October edition of Super News, written by Diljeet Singh, we answer some of the most commonly asked superannuation questions. 

23 September 2019

In this edition, we explain the AASB’s proposals to scrap special purpose financial statements as an option for certain for-profit private sector entities from 2021.

05 September 2019

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has announced it will soon be contacting approximately 17,700 Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) trustees. The intention is to enquire whether their fund has adequate diversification across its investment portfolio and documentation of the investment...

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