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29 May 2020

The Ministerial Statement on the Economy in the wake of COVID-19 to Parliament on 12 May 2020 referred to the unparalleled economic impact of the crisis, which has put the Australian way of life on hold.

28 May 2020

30 June 2020 is fast approaching, many aspects of financial reporting will be significantly affected by the coronavirus outbreak and the adoption of three new accounting standards.

25 May 2020

With Australia’s COVID-19 lockdowns easing, the disease appearing to be better controlled, and hopes high that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, businesses across Australia are turning their heads to the prospect of returning to work under a changed or ‘new normal’ operating...

21 May 2020

On 14 May 2020, the National Disability Services published a document in which the Australian Taxation Office confirms that payments to charities for providing National Disability Insurance Scheme services are not ‘government income’ and therefore cannot be excluded when calculating their...

20 May 2020

The Natural Resources Financial Reporting Update which will be split into two webinars this year. Part One will cover the impacts of COVID-19 on the Natural Resources sector and Part Two will focus on the Accounting Standards Update.

15 May 2020

Australian organisations are currently facing a number of unprecedented economic challenges, with cash flow management top of the list. Surviving the COVID-19 crisis and coming out the other side stronger and leaner will require organisations to develop and implement fit-for-purpose cash flow...

15 May 2020

On 3 April 2020, the OECD Secretariat issued guidance ‘OECD Secretariat Analysis of Tax Treaties and the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis’ (OECD guidance) on international double taxation agreement (tax treaty) issues that may arise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The OECD’s guidance is...

12 May 2020

Unprecedented times have created enormous challenges for the real estate sector in Australia.

07 May 2020

Our Debt Advisory team consider the Export Capital Facility to have some key advantages over many other traditional forms of debt for businesses with an export focus.

06 May 2020

Join BDO Partners Tim Sandow and Andrew Tickle as they focus on how the JobKeeper Scheme applies to the Not-For-Profit sector.

06 May 2020

Zara Ritchie presents BDO Global webinar - The impact of COVID-19 on your transfer pricing arrangements.

05 May 2020

Recently senior members from BDO participated in a virtual discussion focused on the most effective business responses to COVID-19 and actions companies should be taking to survive and thrive in the future.   

05 May 2020

COVID-19 has shown us the true representation of what disruption means. The question organisations now need ask is ‘what does this mean once the dust has settled and we need to recover and reinvent to secure our long term viability?’

05 May 2020

On 1 May 2020, Treasury registered the legislative instrument ‘Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Amendment Rules (No. 2) 2020’ (Amending Rules No. 2) which gives effect to previously announced amendments to the JobKeeper payments scheme.

01 May 2020

Jenine Waters, Maryanne Carter, and Kally Mitchell present the webinar ‘HR Perspective – The Next Step In The COVID-19 Journey’, part two in the 2020 BDO People Advisory webinar series.

01 May 2020

Data from BDO’s quarterly survey indicates that struggling exploration juniors need a new approach to survive the current COVID-19 disruption. In a recent podcast with Small Caps, Sherif Andrawes discusses what this means for explorers and that the split between small and large caps is more...

01 May 2020

As part of the ADA-Vic ‘Doing better business with Defence’ information series, BDO in Australia hosted a special webinar to help members navigate this challenging time. The webinar discussed key issues affecting Australian business operations and profitability and provide insights into possible...

30 April 2020

BDO’s Business Continuity Planning Partner, Mark Cushing and Food & Agribusiness Executive Director, Margaux Beauchamp continues to assist you advance your continuity planning in the context of COVID-19.

29 April 2020

Never before has there been so much expectation of transformational change, at such a rapid pace. Government, regulators, financiers, businesses and unions are now working collaboratively, with an expectation that 'things' need to change. However, it is not always clear exactly what the new...

29 April 2020

The impact of COVID-19 is currently the first thing on everyone’s radar, but it is still important to consider the impact new accounting standards for the 2020 financial year will have on licensees’ Minimum Financial Requirements (MFRs).

29 April 2020

COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for organisations to redesign themselves for long-term success. By focusing on their core purpose, their customers, optimising operations and engaging staff, they can become leaner, fitter, healthier businesses.

29 April 2020

Following industry lobbying, the Queensland Government recently released residential rent guidelines to support landlords and property managers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

27 April 2020

On 24 April 2020, the Government announced amendments to its JobKeeper payments scheme to address unintended consequences and to clarify the operation of the Program. The ATO also registered a legislative instrument to facilitate the alternative test for fall in turnover for several classes of...

27 April 2020

Those operating in the construction industry should be assessing their subcontractor and supplier arrangements.

24 April 2020

On 23 April 2020, a legislative instrument ‘Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Alternative Decline in Turnover Test Rules 2020’ was registered by the ATO, which facilitates an alternative test for fall in turnover for a class of entities where there is no appropriate...

24 April 2020

Along with the social impacts of COVID-19, there will be an inevitable financial impact for many organisations as supply chains are cut off, customers alter purchasing decisions and revenues fall while overheads continue to accrue.

24 April 2020

COVID-19 is a new virus. The lack of immunity in the population and the absence of an effective vaccine mean that COVID-19 has the potential to affect huge numbers of people. The current modelling data seems to show that the Australian population will be significantly affected for months to come....

24 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of workplaces adapting to new situations rapidly by offering flexible and digital ways of working. Businesses which were able to adapt quickly were those with a robust business continuity framework. Creating your business continuity plans and the...

23 April 2020

BDO Adelaide Industrial and Organisational Psychology Director, Scott Way, provides managers and business owners with some valuable tips to manage themselves and their staff during COVID-19. He also explores ways this time can be used as an opportunity to learn and even grow.

22 April 2020

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has caused otherwise healthy organisations to experience declines in revenue with little or no reduction in overhead expenses.

21 April 2020

It is a difficult time for us all and many people are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their ability to repay debt.

20 April 2020

The Federal Government JobKeeper payments scheme is a significant social welfare program to provide financial support to those impacted by COVID-19. The scheme provides eligible employers with a wage subsidy for wages paid to eligible employees during the six-month period starting on 30 March...

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