COVID-19 Survey Reports: How organisations and their staff have responded to the pandemic

17 September 2020

Scott Way, Director, Industrial & Organisational Psychology |

BDO Industrial & Organisational Psychology (BDO I&OP) undertook two short-form (‘pulse’) surveys of clients, with the aim of better understanding how organisations were responding to the arrival of COVID-19 in Australia, and how they intended to continue to operate for the remainder of 2020.

The results of the first survey in June 2020 demonstrated the impact COVID-19 had on organisations, leaders, staff and the wider community.

Results of the survey showed the negative impact of reduced traffic, sales and revenue for organisations, as well as the impact of loss of social contact on staff.

There were others, however, who felt COVID-19 had a positive impact, particularly in regards to accelerating culture change and technological advancements.

Most respondents described a ‘mixed’ impact of COVID-19 on their staff and colleagues, with many affected by concern about the future and juggling working from home and personal life.

Most respondents however agreed they felt their staff/colleagues had the resources to cope with the impact of COVID-19.

There were mixed responses regarding when clients felt their organisation would return to a ‘new normal’, with responses spanning from 1 month to the New Year.

It has now been over 9 months since COVID-19 was first identified in Australia.

After the interesting results achieved in the first survey, and due to the changing nature of COVID-19, a follow-up survey was conducted in August 2020.

The follow-up survey aimed to understand any ongoing effects of COVID-19 on organisations and their staff/colleagues, and gauge how many have been able to achieve a ‘new normal’.

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