Royal Commission funding lifeline results in an increase in client centricity for NDIS

08 April 2019

Funding for NDIS has changed significantly since its implementation on 1 July 2016, however, the 2019-2020 Federal Budget saw no significant impacts to the current funding model.

Although the funding commitment for NDIS has not changed, the 19-20 Federal Budget has allocated $528 million towards funding the Royal Commission over 2018-2023.

This increase in funding towards the Royal Commission will raise client centricity activities related to NDIS, helping to reduce and eliminate cases of abuse and increase the quality of customer care. 

The funding injection towards the Royal Commission will provide support in the following areas:

  • Funding for legal assistance
  • Increase in available support systems (such as hotlines)
  • Governance through audit and management processes within government and NDIS providers.

It should be noted that findings of the Royal Commission may have an influence on the future funding of NDIS. However, these impacts will not be realised until the Royal Commission into Disability has concluded.

NDIS aims to provide 460,000 Australians with permanent and significant disability with the funding support and services that they require in order to support their disability needs.  BDO can assist clients experiencing NDIS concerns, working with them to overcome prominent challenges.
Areas that BDO can assist include:

  1. Strategy: short and long term strategic planning to address changes to funding processes under the NDIS
  2. Financial management: assisting with the transition from block or grant funding to the NDIS service provision and invoice structure 
  3. Mergers, acquisition and collaboration: addressing the changes to the competitive landscape for both not-for-profit and private sector enterprises
  4. Marketing & engagement: helping organisations track, understand and act on the engagement between their clients, employees and services
  5. Technology: managing changes to how organisations process payments, communicate with staff and clients, secure data and utilise systems
  6. Human capital: developing a full human capital lifecycle to attract, manage and retain talent.

For further information on NDIS please contact Mark Cushing or a trusted BDO adviser.