• Buderim Ginger
Case Study:

Buderim Ginger

27 July 2017

Why BDO?

BDO have provided audit and tax services to Buderim Ginger for more than 10 years. Most recently, they selected BDO to partner with them on their journey in securing investment with China. Buderim Ginger recognised that going offshore is a complex exercise. They knew BDO offers one of the largest dedicated Advisory Services teams in the Australian market focused on China and could help execute a strategy to achieve financial objectives.


Buderim Ginger is a Queensland ASX listed company with approximately $75 million turnover. Traditionally known for its limited ginger products, they started to lose market share as the demand for traditional ginger products declined. Looking to break into the huge Chinese snack food market, they knew they had to get the strategy right and re-position their brand in order to appeal to a different demographic.


BDO assisted with the overall strategic approach as well as capital and investment advice to break into the Chinese market. BDO and Buderim Ginger successfully negotiated about $20 million investment from one of the largest snack food companies in China. This allowed Buderim to achieve their financial objectives and the relationship opened up access to more than 450,000 retail outlets in China.

From a small community operation Buderim Ginger have now become one of the world’s finest ginger producers, food processors and tourist destinations. Buderim Ginger can reach its full potential as an international brand and over time allow Buderim Ginger to pay down debt.

For organisations looking to capture opportunities provided by China, our team can help you minimise risk and maximise your potential by having the right contacts in place to provide local knowledge and expertise.