Case Study:

Delivering strategic HR services for the success of your organisation

30 July 2018

Has your workforce got the capability to handle your planned growth targets? Or does the model need to change for you to remain competitive against larger organisations.

Investing in a strategic HR program is critical to the success of your organisation. As well as providing accounting services, BDO’s Human Capital team can work with you to improve alignment and drive organisational value, that align with your organisations culture.

A charity that helps all manner of people to create a better future for themselves, Wesley Mission Queensland had a complex task at hand. BDO worked with Steve Eltis, Director of People & Culture to provide a blueprint to address the challenges in a structured and systematic way, and providing a roadmap to deal with human, technological and financial resourcing considerations.

BDO’s ongoing relationship with Wesley Mission Queensland is driven by the desire to work closely to design cost-effective approaches to improving operational performance, while maintaining a strong commitment to the communities served.

There are times when the direction of your organisation and your workforce can become disconnected. BDO’s human capital team can work with you to improve alignment and drive organisational value. 

Does your business require a tailored solution, based on a nuanced-understanding of the challenges you face each day? BDO’s global network has the connections to help you get where you want to go.

“The advice and support BDO provides is timely and tailored to our business. They took the time to fully understand the nuances of our business and our people, together with the research undertaken to deliver innovative solutions for Wesley Mission Queensland.”

Wesley Mission Qld, Steve Eltis, Director of People