• Maurice Blackburn
Case Study:

Maurice Blackburn

04 April 2022

David Garvey, Melbourne Office Managing Partner
Partner, Audit & Assurance

Maurice Blackburn is a leading social justice law firm within the Australian market, with more than 30 offices across the country. Its vision is to treat each client with the sincerity and respect they deserve, reinforced by its values of fairness, compassion and justice. This unique approach is what has led to its continual growth and evolution.

As a result of the organisation’s rapid progression, Maurice Blackburn went to tender, seeking an auditor who could meet the requirements of the evolving organisation. BDO’s Audit team, led by David Garvey, were subsequently engaged to perform the audit services. “Since the start of the engagement, BDO’s expertise, resources and breadth have been a welcome addition to our operations,” said Paul McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Maurice Blackburn. “BDO’s Audit team are experienced, thoughtful and considered. They understand our organisation, offering ideas, and providing a human approach.”

BDO’s Audit team focused on building a strong relationship with Maurice Blackburn’s finance team, allowing collaboration and the application of relevant expertise, in order to create an efficient controls-based audit approach. In addition to BDO’s Audit team support, with partner-led involvement from Mr Garvey, Maurice Blackburn was assisted by BDO’s IT Auditors and International Financial Reporting Standards (IRFS) specialists.

BDO’s capability, understanding, and interpretation of the organisation and the evolving standards is what has really impressed Maurice Blackburn’s leadership team.

"The culture of BDO really shines through. They consistently bring ideas to the table, backed by experience and knowledge.”

Paul McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer, Maurice Blackburn.

Mr McCarthy also communicates his appreciation of the BDO Global Portal, noting that it takes a lot of friction out of the process.

The team at Maurice Blackburn looks forward to continued transformation and growth, including developing their business practices, systems, and processes. As the organisation evolves, the leadership team will continue to build on their partnership with BDO’s audit capability, and benefit from BDO’s support on their growth journey.

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