Opportunities to travel and grow in Audit at BDO

03 August 2018

Sasha Simpson, Assistant Manager, Audit |

When you leave university and start working full-time, it's easy to think that your opportunities to travel might become fairly limited. However, at BDO (Nth Qld) and particularly within Audit, travel forms part of our job. Each year we are able to travel to beautiful places in Australia and in 2017 I was fortunate enough to travel to Birmingham, UK to complete an overseas secondment at BDO.

Support through my CA studies

I started working in Audit at BDO (Nth Qld) in February 2014 and have recently been promoted to Assistant Manager. I have been fortunate to have exposure to a wide range of work experience which has enabled me to complete the Chartered Accountant (CA) Program and also develop my skills as an Auditor. While CA was certainly challenging, I was really impressed by the amount of support I received from BDO. We had regular master classes every few weeks and my Partners and Managers were extremely understanding of my busy workload. Even during the audit busy season, I was given time to study and sit my exams.

Secondment to Birmingham

After my CA studies I was given the opportunity to travel to our Birmingham office on a four month secondment. My overseas secondment was invaluable. Having formed strong working relationships with my colleagues and clients in Australia, it was a new challenge to build working relationships in such a short timeframe. However, as BDO worldwide uses the same audit software, it was a relatively smooth transition to the role. In addition to exploring Birmingham and the UK, I was also able to spend weekends during my secondment and a month of annual leave before returning to my home office in Cairns, travelling around Europe.

I love working in Audit at BDO. We have a strong team environment as we spend time travelling to all areas of North Queensland and the Northern Territory. I have been given the opportunity to see parts of the country and meet people that I may not ordinarily have been able to.

I have just attended an Assistant Manager training course to help prepare me to transition to my new role as Assistant Manager. There has been so many opportunities for me to learn and grow at BDO (Nth Qld).

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