Getting through the busy season as an Audit grad

15 May 2018

Melita Briggs, Auditor, Brisbane |

I started as an Audit graduate at BDO in March 2017, which meant I only had four months at the firm before the infamous Audit busy season began. The period July to October is when the majority of businesses have their audits due and I knew it was going to be a tough time for everyone in the office.

What I didn't realise, however, was how much BDO would support me and everyone else on the team through this busy period. It really felt like everyone was in it together and we were all putting in 110 per cent.

Support through the busy season

We received a lot of training before the busy season started which really helped with the work. Training included inductions, audit skills training and development training for specific industry clients. We also received on the job learning so we knew exactly what it was like to work closely with clients. This meant that, come July, myself and the other graduates felt prepared and ready for the busy season that lay ahead. Something else that helped was the complimentary dinners and office massages that BDO arranged as part of the BWell program!

My advice to anyone thinking of applying for a role with BDO would be to do your research and attend as many networking events as possible. I was fortunate to have worked for a Credit Union in my home town before I attended university, which was where I first met an auditor from BDO. They were always so welcoming and friendly, so I knew from early on that BDO was the place for me.

When I started working here, the people I'd met at the Credit Union were an exact representation of the wider culture at BDO. The culture at BDO is down to earth, everyone has a lot of fun together, there are socialising events (including sporting teams and trivia nights) as well as regular training and constant mentoring and support. These social opportunities continued during the busy season, culminating in a trip to Dreamworld at the end to celebrate the season finishing.

Opportunities to travel and learn

On top of the culture, BDO has the advantage of being a global firm. Audit in particular holds a lot of travel opportunities and working for a company with such an international reach means I have the opportunity to do an overseas secondment. Since I started at BDO, I’ve travelled all over Australia and gained exposure in various client industries. The emphasis in Audit is on relationships - both client relationships and the bonds we form as a team. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging, and there's never a typical day in Audit.

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