What stands out about BDO to me

05 May 2021

, Annie-Claude Belisle Denis, Manager, Advisory

If you're ready to find an undergraduate or graduate job, it can help to have some inside information from people in the roles you're considering. To that end, here's what I've learned as a manager with the People Advisory team at BDO.

Finding a place with BDO

I'm originally from Canada, and that's where I completed my Bachelor degree in communications and a Master’s in business strategy. My first role was at a PR and communications firm, but I really wanted to jump into a career that would let me see the inner workings of business and collaborate closely with leaders.

I spent a few years at a growing consulting firm in Canada where I learnt and experienced the ins & outs of change management. Then in the middle of 2019, I made the move to Australia. While checking out the job market, I was not quite sure what to look for. After seeing a job post on LinkedIn by BDO, I did my research and found that the human aspect of BDO really stood out. I watched a webinar by Jenine Waters, National Leader for People Advisory, and I instantly knew that this was the type of team I wanted to join. I interviewed with Jenine, and within the first 15 minutes, I was convinced BDO is where I needed to be.

Roles and duties in the People Advisory team

As a manager in the People Advisory team, I enjoy having a hands-on role around stakeholder engagement and enabling leaders to play their roles. I really like how you can "choose your own adventure" within People Advisory and Consulting. Everyone can step up on the projects that interest them most.

When we get together, everyone contributes their expertise and their experience. Everyone is heard and listened to and it creates a very fun but productive environment. While I do constant client work day to day, I also like to push my skills further by contributing to internal projects and working directly with leaders from different teams at the firm. If you are interested in personal and professional growth, BDO is full of opportunities for you to seize.

The BDO environment and culture

Flexibility and trust are central to the BDO experience. This helped the organisation adapt smoothly when COVID-19 restrictions hit - the functional teams already had their own ‘Flexibility Charters’ in place, highlighting how they worked together in a flexible environment, with clear priorities and an understanding of how to collaborate.

Even when the crisis was at its worst, the leaders were clear and reassuring. I had the chance to work on the crisis management team with BDO’s executives and witnessed tough conversations and great leadership moments. I loved seeing how they really demonstrated each of BDO’s core values ‘One | Bold | Human | Strive | Heart’ in their conversations and decisions during this time. As a worker on a foreign visa, I was grateful for the certainty they gave me despite the uncertain times.

As for the social advantages offered by BDO, there is something for everyone. Advantages range from socialising and drinks after work on Friday, to team events around Christmas or firm-wide celebrations to recognise distinguished team members. My personal favorite? Having access to facilities that make an active commute and lunch runs possible.

BDO is a very human organisation. I love the feeling that whoever I run into in the halls, I know I can smile and say ‘hello’ and they will do the same back, whether they're a grad or the office managing partner.

What it takes to succeed in consulting

Now you may be wondering whether you want to follow in my footsteps. The way I see it, consulting is a great first career, because you can work within so many different industries. Versatile, curious and creative problem-solvers are best suited to the work.

I'd also recommend thinking closely about the match between yourself and any organisation you're considering, both its corporate values and the people on the team. I see the people at BDO as the best thing about the company.

If you're ready to find your role at BDO, check out our student opportunities or contact me directly to discuss opportunities.