Why Sarah chose BDO’s grad program

Graduate Risk Advisory consultant, Sarah Muguira, shares their story about how working at BDO has helped their career take flight.

Why did BDO stand out as an employer? What separates BDO from other consultancy firms?

There are continuous opportunities for personal and career growth at BDO. All levels of staff are provided with the tools and opportunities to succeed, and BDO supports all staff in the pursuit of their goals. I have seen so much success and growth in the firm since I started, yet BDO maintains its supportive environment thanks to the values that each employee works by.

What was the most enjoyable experience of BDO's graduate/undergraduate program?

During a period of online interviews and virtual meetings, it was so nice to come into the office and meet the partners in my team face-to-face, during my onboarding process. It made the whole experience less daunting and more authentic.

BDO also has a great buddy system for new starters and graduates - someone you can reach out to when you cannot find the IT desk or need to know where the best coffee shops are. Joining BDO was so easy and seamless, I really felt welcome straight away.

What stands out in your team? How do you feel coming to work every day?

My team is great - we all get along so well, and it is genuinely a joy to come to work every day.

My favourite part of the day is around lunch time when we sit together and do the quiz in the newspaper. It is something so simple but gets everyone talking and allows us to take a break and have a laugh.

I love how social all the advisory teams are and how easy it is to build connections with people. We have a great initiative on my floor called coffee roulette where each month you get randomly assigned a person to catch up with over coffee. It has been a great way to meet people from other teams you would not usually work with.

What surprised you about starting with BDO?

The most surprising thing about starting with BDO is how much each employee lives the BDO values.

BDO has a great culture which is shown through the work we complete and the relationships we have with our clients. Not only does everyone put their best into their work, but they want you to put your best foot forward and are willing to help you get there. There is great emphasis in putting out high-quality results for our clients as everyone recognises that one person’s success is everyone’s success.

How have you felt supported at BDO?

There is great feedback and support from all levels at BDO. I regularly meet with my engagement leaders and there is a really great performance leader initiative within my team. By sharing goals with senior staff, they can provide opportunities to help you achieve them. This initiative has given a platform to build relationships with staff across all levels in a personal and mentoring space.