Just who is the attractive adviser?

16 August 2018

It is impossible to attend a conference these days without the ubiquitous mention of digital disruption by industry game-changers such as Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Amazon.

And BDO’s National Business Services conference last week was no different.

Because the reality is that this is the new normal – digital innovation and industry adaptation means a constantly changing business environment, along with ever-increasing customer expectations of an outstanding service experience.

As one of our presenters, Alex Ouwens, said:

“Speed is the new currency. We’re in the era of customisation [and] we must embrace change in order to remain relevant.”

For business advisers, that has never been more true.

We’re moving from automate to informate: cloud accounting is transforming our profession - and we see nothing but opportunity. The power of real-time data brings speed in analysis and in decision-making, meaning we can help businesses be more informed and agile than ever before.  

We’re moving from generalists to specialists: customers today expect expertise. They are constantly looking for value from their experience. So, how do we do deliver to that expectation? In my opinion it is in being an authentic adviser - the value comes from you. But that doesn’t mean you have to be everything to everyone - our ability to work together and share insights is easier than ever before, meaning you can deliver maximum value by working for your client as a team, lending your specialist skills and passion at the right time, for the right result.

So, just who is the attractive adviser? After much discussion and discovery, our belief is this: The attractive adviser knows their clients. They are supported by technology that enables them to seamlessly connect with their clients and their business. They are someone who is energised by change. They are someone who delivers exceptional financial coaching and business counselling, providing a human mentor to rely on with the business data to back-up the decisions.

In spite of the new normal of digital disruption, the truth to all of this is that an attractive adviser provides a service that no technology can replace or duplicate. This is the real value.  

If this sounds like someone you would like to work with, we look forward to meeting you.