• The World’s Biggest Garage Sale
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The World’s Biggest Garage Sale

28 March 2019

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) activates dormant goods for a circular economy through community events that facilitate the re-purposing and sale of donated goods. WBGS operates under the ethos of making a positive impact for people, planet and profit with purpose.

Since its inception in 2013, WBGS has raised $314,000 for charity benefactors, including The Courier-Mail’s Children’s fund, Smiling for Smiddy, and the Mater Foundation. WBGS promotes positive community connections through sustainability and altruism, and champions the principles of a circular economy via the re-use of goods that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Since making the leap from the corporate world to scaling up her own startup, WBGS CEO and Co-founder, Yasmin Grigaliunas, has her sights set on taking WBGS global, and has brought BDO in for the journey by joining the BDO for Startups program.

“If you’re a startup founder and you have a vision for your business that is bigger, then live up to that vision. It might not seem achievable today, but every day we work with BDO guiding us through we are closing the gap. We as startups need to realise we don’t have all the answers and we can work with an organisation like BDO to make our vision a reality.”

The importance of having the right team in place is paramount when you start the journey from startup to scaleup and the BDO for Startups team can help guide you through every stage of growth from launch to exit.

“You can’t build a building without foundations, and if you do it’s going to come crumbling down. We could go global and wing it, but there’s going to be a certain point where that doesn’t work and I know that would be the future implosion of our business. But with BDO, because we have this relationship of trust, honesty and transparency, when we go big we are going to miss that implosion because all those foundations that we need are in place.”

“I’m forever grateful that I feel safe in my startup knowing that whatever is in the future, I’m going to be ok because BDO has my back.”

Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO and Co-founder, World’s Biggest Garage Sale

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