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Urban Art Projects

18 May 2017

Bernard Curran , Partner, Business Services |

BDO’s approach to working with UAP (Urban Art Projects) has been genuinely tailored. Bernard Curran and the BDO team quickly identified the unique nature of UAPs business, and today BDO works alongside the UAP management team to ensure they receive the information, intelligence and insights they need to guide their decision making.

With advice based on such a strong relationship, BDO has been able to add value across a range of business functions. This includes practical guidance on strategy and corporate structuring and taxation advice (both local and international) and audit services.

Drawing upon a deep understanding of the business lifecycle, BDO has demonstrated an ability to understand the needs of UAP’s leaders, as well as those of their families.

UAP is a specialist design consultancy collaborating with emerging and established artists, architects, developers and designers to deliver creative outcomes for the public realm. UAP engages in all aspects of the delivery process from commissioning and curatorial services, through concept generation and design development right into fabrication and installation. BDO initially began working with UAP to assist with growth and look at valuations, systems and structures.

BDO has been UAP’s trusted business adviser since 2008, providing in-depth support across a broad range of areas, including business planning and, compliance and taxation advice, structuring and now audit services.

BDO’s guidance has significantly contributed to UAP’s ability to realise its short and long term growth goals, whether they have been onshore or in new international markets.

“Bernard Curran and the BDO team were quick to understand and recognise the unique nature of our business. This has been instrumental in how they have helped us maximise our potential. We look forward to continuing to work with BDO into the future.”

Matthew Tobin, Founder & Managing Director