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The Australian Middle Market Manufacturers Guide To Industry 4.0

28 October 2019

How to use ‘incrovation’ to adopt Industry 4.0

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The manufacturing landscape is in a peak state of change, driven by automation, digitisation and new materials. This continues to impact products, supply chains and push manufacturers to shift business models towards customer-centricity. To remain competitive, manufacturers must innovate their product, product lines and supply chain solutions. They must also continuously challenge and review their operations and strive to deliver cost efficiencies.

So, where do they start?

For Australian middle market manufacturers, adopting Industry 4.0 technologies and principles may seem overwhelming, yet they are best positioned to take advantage of this disruption. Exploring the possibilities of what Industry 4.0 has to offer, by setting realistic goals based on where you are now, and ‘incrovation’ – or incremental innovation - could be the key to success for manufacturers.

BDO has created this resource to assist manufacturers assess their implementation readiness, and then set out a path to adopting Industry 4.0, depending on their level of maturity.

In this guide, we take you through:

  • The current state of manufacturing
  • Assessing your implementation readiness on the middle market continuum of Industry 4.0
  • Defining ways you can create value by focusing on three key areas, while ensuring alignment across six critical dimensions
  • How to set up a plan and define your vision
  • How to finance advanced technologies and practices
  • How to plan for changes across the organisation, including systems, processes and people
  • A planning checklist.

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Where do you sit on the Industry 4.0 maturity model?

A plan that establishes the right starting point based on a realistic assessment of where you are right now will be critical in adoption of Industry 4.0. BDO has developed an Industry 4.0 maturity model across six dimensions which you can read more about in our guide.

While you may sit at level one of the Industry 4.0 maturity model now, ‘incrovation’ can help you achieve meaningful progress over time.

So where do you sit? And what could you do to move along the maturity model? 

Take a deep dive into our Industry 4.0 middle market maturity model to see where you are and what steps you could take to get there.

Level 5 - Adaptable Ecosystem
Level 4 - Integrated Value Chain
Level 3 - Integrated Enterprise
Level 2 - Breaking down silos
Level 1 - Stovepipe

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