Knowing Your Next Move: Demystify and Navigate the Private Equity Journey

25 August 2021

Private Equity presents an opportunity to fast-track growth. So, how do you access it and what can you expect when you go on a Private Equity journey for the first time? BDO’s Private Equity Group is proud to present ‘Private Equity: Knowing Your Next Move’ - a webinar dedicated to answering your questions about Private Equity.

In this webinar, Sebastian Stevens, BDO Partner & National Private Equity Leader, hosts Mark De Ambrosis, Managing Director at Armitage Associates. They cover:

  • What is PE and how does it work?
  • Timeline and process of a private equity deal; Are you 1-2-3 years away from this and why is that important
  • The characteristics of a company ripe for PE – what do PE firms look for?
  • Is VC or PE right for me and other private capital options, e.g. small minority stakes with high-growth potential (VC) or established business where existing owners need external capital and expertise to realise their potential (expansion stage), or a buyout of existing owners (PE)
  • Readiness
  • What is the journey like? A client’s perspective and a firm's perspective
    • Having the right people in your corner
    • Conducting due diligence
    • Managing transactions
    • What support do you need in your arsenal – due diligence, tax and audit