BDO urges yes vote for fixed, four-year terms

16 March 2016

BDO in Brisbane Managing Partner Tony Schiffmann has urged Queenslanders to vote yes in the referendum this Saturday for fixed, four-year terms.

“Whenever we speak to clients the one constant that we hear over and over again is that they want certainty,” Mr Schiffmann said.

“There are so many variables facing Queensland businesses at the moment that can’t be controlled, but delivering fixed, four-year terms for the State Government is something we can do.

“Business confidence is what drives growth and investment in the Queensland economy and that is currently being held back by uncertainty in state politics.

“Fixed, four-year terms will ensure that businesses can plan for the future knowing that there isn’t about to be a snap election or sudden change in direction.

“I urge all Queenslanders to support this important reform when they cast their ballot at the local government elections on Saturday.”

Mr Schiffmann said he was confident that the vast majority of Queensland businesses supported the move.

“It’s concerning that something that seems to have almost universal support from so many leaders is still a real risk of failing,” he said.

“If we don’t enact this change now there’s a real chance that fixed terms will be off the agenda for Queensland for a generation.

“Every other state in Australia has four year terms and it’s time Queensland joined them.

“We need to seize this opportunity now to deliver certainty and stability for our state.”