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Case Study:

Petal and Pup

23 May 2019

Online retailer Petal & Pup is anything but a fashion fad. The company has seen rapid growth over the past three years, cementing its label as a leading online fashion boutique catering to young women.

The family-run business, founded by Tiffany Henry, alongside husband Julian (Joint Chief Executive Officer), and father Philip Scarff (Joint Chief Executive Officer) has grown from a side hustle operating out of the downstairs study to an around-the-clock fashion business operating from a warehouse in Eagle Farm.

This swift growth has brought with it many operational challenges associated with running a successful business, including back-end logistics management. Petal & Pup partnered with BDO from the early stages of its growth journey, to effectively manage and address these challenges and set the business up for future success.

"The business has grown so quickly, today we are at where we hoped we would be in ten years. With that pace of growth we needed to focus on what we are good at, and get help with the things we weren’t so good at, and that is where BDO came in.

"They helped us move from being a sole trader to a proprietary limited company, as well as streamlining accounts processes when things got too big for us to handle," Philip said.

Through the Business Hub, the BDO team has provided accounts management services, management and end-of-year reporting, as well as payroll and rostering support with assistance from the BDO Human Capital team.

"BDO has such a great suite of service offerings, and they bring to the table a network of connections that we’ve been able to tap into. It’s these things that make BDO a critical part of our team as we move forward."

Petal & Pup aren’t stopping there. As they look to the future, considering expansion options in both national and international markets, they continue to look to BDO as a trusted sounding board on how best to leverage new opportunities, and a reliable adviser to ensure the fundamental elements of running the business remain strong.

"We, as a business, are trying to always stay ahead of the game and we have really come to trust Dylan and the BDO team, and respect their ability to understand our business and where we want it to go. The team always work with us to ensure every step is covered as we progress."

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