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Fintech Subsector Outlook

Subsector outlook: a sector-by-sector analysis of Fintechs

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Australian Fintech ecosystem mature.

Fintechs have surged on a wave of financial growth, market opportunities and a thriving investment environment – while being boosted by new regulatory conditions to support entrepreneurship and the rise of non-traditional finance. But what lies ahead for Fintechs in the current environment?

While the term Fintech has become part of Australia’s vernacular, it’s an ever-changing landscape – with new players, new technologies and increased competition from both incumbents and startups.

So what exactly does Fintech include?

Below we’ve highlighted the current Fintech subsectors.

Each month, we will be taking a deep dive into these subsectors, with a subsector outlook – outlining what makes up the sector, as well as the key trends, risks and opportunities for startups, scale-ups, incumbents and investors.


Fintech Fridays Webinar Series

BDO is pleased to be launching the Fintech Fridays webinar series. Each session takes a deep dive into the diverse subsectors of the fintech space, including blockchain/crypto, lending, insurance, regtech, personal finance, capital markets, wealth management, payments/billing, mortgage real estate, and money transfer/remittances.

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