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    Supporting our professional women.

Women at BDO

At BDO, we're committed to supporting our professional women and driving their success. From graduates to partners, we help women build relationships and create well-defined career paths through networking events, coaching, and professional development opportunities.

Each year, we celebrate International Women’s Day and give you an inside look at what it's like to be a woman in accounting and at BDO through our discussions with some of our talented professionals. In these conversations, we discuss their experiences as women in business and the importance of diversity in leadership. We hope you enjoy reading their stories.


I am incredibly fortunate to have a chance to truly influence and help BDO continue growing as an amazing group of people delivering value to our clients and the broader community.



Jane Couchman

Jane Couchman, Chief Strategy Officer, Brisbane

I have found BDO incredibly supportive. From Sean Pascoe, who hired me as a contractor and pushed me to do work I had never done before, to Sebastian Stevens and Grant Saxon, who offered me the opportunity to start People Advisory and didn't blink an eye when I said I only wanted to work three days a week.



Jenine Waters

National Leader, People Advisory, Sydney

The most rewarding aspect of my job is developing my skills and learning each day. Not a day goes by where I don’t learn something new and develop myself as a person, whether it be in relation to a technical accounting matter or general soft skills and how to manage certain situations



Lara Erasmus

Manager, IFRS Advisory, Sydney

BDO understands the full picture of life and has been incredibly supportive and respectful of my work and outside work needs. Career is important, but so too is being able to cherish those once-in-a-life moments with your family.



Tanja Vukasovic

Director, Business Development, Melbourne

All people, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation should be able to achieve their personal and professional goals in a safe and supportive environment.



Rebecca Thomson

Principal Lawyer, Migration Services, Melbourne

Workplaces should break the bias against gender equality by focussing on outcomes and client satisfaction rather than the number of hours women are ‘seen.’



Sheryl Levine

Associate Director, IFRS Advisory, Sydney

BDO has supported my career journey by giving me the opportunity to take on challenging assignments, through training and career progression, and by being in a role that is dynamic and evolving.



Sunita Popp

Partner, Audit & Assurance, Perth

It is so important for people’s mental well-being to know they are treated fairly and given the same opportunities. I think having transparency, choices for flexibility, and thought of about one’s individual situation can help immensely with engagement and productivity.



Jacqueline Silva

Associate Director, Business Services, Brisbane

I see future opportunities for women as limitless. I don’t know whether this looks like equal representation across the board, but I think there is an equal opportunity to decide how far you want to go or where you want to set your work-life balance that has never existed before.



Michelle Bennett

Partner, Indirect Tax, Melbourne

It’s funny, I did not realise that women and men look at problems differently. It was only when I sat on the exec board that came to light. I was helping make those bigger decisions within the firm and it was apparent that I see things from different angles, having that female perspective is really important.



Natalie Milne

Partner, Tax, Perth

I am very lucky to be at BDO, where the DNA is to deliver exceptional service to each unique client in a way that best suits them. This philosophy echoes throughout our team. I have been on the other side of the client-adviser relationship, so I understand what makes an adviser not simply good-enough, but truly extraordinary.



Lilian Luu

Associate Director, Business Services, Sydney

I am conscious of the fact that I am in a position of influence which gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives - whether they be external clients or internal colleagues. This is what I find most rewarding in my role.



Hien Tran-Mach

Associate Director, Business Services, Adelaide

I've been fortunate that BDO has a supportive work culture allowing me to work from home when I need to. It's really important to set boundaries, and for me personally, I find that exercise has helped me immensely with de-stressing from any work-related issues at the end of the day.



Courtney Whitecross

Associate Director, Tax, Brisbane

Through flexible work arrangements, which allow me to be with my family from the late afternoon until my daughter’s bedtime. I pick up on any required work after she goes to sleep. Knowing that the firm and my clients support this balance allows me to be present both at work and at home.



Erin Treseder

Associate Director, Audit & Assurance, Sydney

This profession is people helping people achieve their dreams and we are constantly looking to and planning for the future in what we do for and with our clients. It’s a great profession to be in and you do need to understand the human side if you want to excel in this career.



Elina McKerrell

Partner, Business Services, Sydney

Having a seat at the partner table with so many amazing peers. It gives me the opportunity to give my contribution and bring a different perspective, but at the same time I feel that I can learn and grow by listening and taking it all in.



Koraly Georgiou

Partner, Business Services, Melbourne

We are living in a transforming digital age. We are to the point now that as long as we have an internet connection, we can do our work. This gives me the flexibility to start my day soon after I drop the kids off, which is sometimes 7 am!



Kathy Robertson

Partner, Audit & Assurance, Melbourne

Taking the time to really understand our clients and get to the root cause of their problems with my team. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds and when we work together, it really is electric – we debate and challenge and push each other and our diversity of thinking really makes sure we get to an answer that is far more impactful than anything we could have done on our own.



Maryanne Carter

Partner, People Advisory, Sydney

I am fortunate to work with many people who score highly in EQ and IQ terms. Nevertheless, the importance of effective communication to navigate difficult situations cannot be underestimated. Having personal confidants and mentors, both within and outside the organisation, has been imperative to my own personal progression.



Helen Argiris

Partner, Business Services, Sydney

I like the flexibility of managing my own diary, the variety of client work and solving problems for my clients, the near-absence of cyclical work, being out and about in the CBD to meet my clients, working with a diverse and motivated team and partnering with people in BDO who have similar high-energy levels and are keen to keep pushing the boundaries on how to best assist our clients – to be true thought-leaders in our space.



Quin Rijnders

Partner, Forensic Services, Sydney