Supplier Code of Conduct

All BDO offices and firms in Australia (‘BDO’, ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’) are committed to the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct whereby we are fair and honest in our relationships with clients and suppliers. Our expectation is that each of BDO’s suppliers share this commitment. Whilst we acknowledge that our suppliers operate independently from BDO, certain actions taken may impact BDO and our reputation. This commitment is guided by our core values of One, Bold, Human, Strive and Heart which drive our success, and the need for ethically sound relationships with our suppliers.

This Supplier Code of Conduct (‘Code’) outlines the principles that govern our supplier arrangements. It is BDO’s expectation that suppliers (‘you’) apply the same level of integrity and ethical conduct as BDO and its employees. We ask our suppliers to be mindful of their responsibilities and to embed behaviours outlined in the Code into their interactions with, and services to, BDO. Our expectation is that suppliers inform us promptly of any potential or actual breaches of this Code.

In this Code, supplier means all entities or individuals involved in the supply of goods or services to BDO, or Outsourced Service Providers who provide services to BDO clients on our behalf.


BDO Supplier Code of Conduct