• 2021 Auditor Proud

2021 Auditor Proud week celebrates resilience and integrity

This #AuditorProud week, we recognise and celebrate the resilience and integrity our audit teams continue to display as they navigate challenging new working conditions as a result of COVID-19.

It’s also a time to recognise the value of the audit profession around the globe. Resilience, adaptability and responsiveness are traits commonly associated with auditors and the auditing profession. With the impacts of COVID-19 continuing to be felt both at home and across the globe, these skills have never been more important. Today we celebrate the auditing profession and recognise the actions that we and our colleagues undertake in these unprecedented times. To be an auditor is to be part of something special. A globally recognised, respected profession which is steeped in tradition but continues to evolve and adapt. And now more than ever, as we navigate the challenges of COVID-19, we are #BDOProud of our auditors.

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To be an auditor is to be part of something special. A globally recognised, respected profession which continues to evolve, but is steeped in tradition and continues to apply core principles that were founded hundreds of years ago.

Here are stories of why we are #BDOProud and why we are passionate about what we do …


Why am I #AuditorProud at BDO? It’s simple! It’s about promoting efficiency and delivering insights whilst building strong client relationships and working as one to achieve a common goal #ONE. It’s about audit quality that allows the users of financial statements to be confident in the assurance we provide now and into the future.

Audit is more than just analysing financial statements - it’s a profession in a rapidly changing environment and BDO is continuously at the forefront of innovation, striving for sustainable growth delivery of the utmost audit quality. It’s not just administrative work and performing reconciliations, it’s creating trust with our client, working together to continuously improve the business and not only identify, but mitigate against risk. It’s for this reason I am #AuditorProud.


Auditor, Adelaide

As an auditor, I have the opportunity to learn and understand the client's business. What makes audit a unique profession for me is that no two days are the same. I work alongside highly skilled, inspiring people and gain a solid understanding of accounting, auditing, tax, processes, internal controls, systems and data. Auditing is also about thoughtful insight and analysis; I can look at a client’s business operations, ask questions and see the big picture.

I started my career at BDO in Hungary, but I am now living in the land Down Under. It might require some extra training and willingness to get out of your comfort zone, but a career in auditing could take you around the world.

#AuditorProud to work in a firm like BDO in Adelaide, which challenges me every day to #STRIVE and gives me countless opportunities for growth and development, both personally and professionally.


Senior Auditor, Adelaide

Stay true to your mission. Love what you do.” This is what Dad said to me when I started my career in Auditing.

I still remember my first interview question: “Why do you want to join BDO?” I looked through the window and said “The view is great from Level 7”. That was a joke to ease the tension but surprisingly my answer is still the same after four years. The view is great, not just of Veale Gardens, but more importantly, the pride I see in both the people around me and in myself as an auditor at BDO. It’s the impact we have on clients that goes beyond the numbers, the sense of accomplishment from hard work, the trust from management and peers, and the endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Audit to me is challenge after challenge, but everything we do is worthwhile because I’m surrounded by a group of brilliant people - we share, we support and we #STRIVE for excellence, as #ONE. That’s what makes me #AuditorProud. The view is great here and I love what I do.


Senior Auditor, Adelaide

I started my audit career at BDO in the Philippines, where I worked for six years. Audit has opened a lot of doors for me, allowing me to travel to various cities across the country for site visits and inventory counts. It has also allowed me to expand my network to various individuals from all walks of life. At first, it was daunting, but resilience, patience and willingness to improve and learn has helped me to get through the busy seasons.

Fast forward to the present, my career has truly evolved, allowing me to #STRIVE,work outside my comfort zone and move to a new country, well-known for kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras – Australia, and for that, I’m #AuditorProud.


Senior Accountant, Brisbane

Since starting my career in audit at BDO in Cairns, I have had the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of clients across various locations that I never thought I would have the opportunity to travel to. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge and develop interpersonal skills from the get-go.

Being exposed to different industries and sectors has encouraged me to gain an understanding of varying business operations. My time in audit so far has been enjoyable and rewarding as no two weeks are the same. It has pushed me to #STRIVE in a professional and personal context. This is why I am #AuditorProud.


Auditor, Cairns

The best part about being an auditor is that the field presents new #BOLD challenges each day where you can grow personally and learn new things. I have enjoyed embracing new industries, cultures and geographic locations while working in audit.

From my personal experience, every day is different, which is exciting. I am proud to be a part of the BDO team where you work and meet people with different strengths and qualifications. I am #AuditorProud to have the opportunity to make positive changes to local communities and businesses.


Auditor, Hobart

I always say being an auditor opens up your doors to unlimited opportunities and this still holds true till today for me. I started my professional career in public accounting as an external auditor where I worked for six years in this role. When I relocated back to Melbourne, I was extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to join the BDO National Audit Quality (NAQ) team on a six-month secondment, which then led to a permanent role.

Working in the NAQ team has been especially rewarding as it has provided me with the privilege to work in a dynamic working environment, where I am involved behind the scenes on numerous projects, supporting the audit service line with key initiatives that enhance and promote audit quality for a profession that is rapidly evolving. #STRIVE.

What I appreciate most is the inclusive culture and strong support for personal growth in BDO where I am provided with continuous guidance from my peers in helping me to realise my hidden potential and who recognise me for my efforts. #HEART.

I am humbled to be part of this noble profession, grateful for the experiences and opportunities that this profession has given me and thankful for the wonderful people that I have met along my journey. For that, I am #AuditorProud and #BDOProud.


Manager, Melbourne

After having started my career with BDO in Brisbane as a graduate auditor, I have been fortunate enough to relocate to BDO in Melbourne where I have worked with a vast array of clients from multiple industries. The mobility of our profession and the diversity of our client base has presented me with a tremendous amount of long-term #BOLD development opportunities within our audit industry.

One of the best parts of being an auditor is our team environment which is fostered within each of our audit engagements. Not only have I developed lifelong relationships with colleagues, but I have had the opportunity to work under experienced mentors who have invested in my professional development. The #one team comradery and mentorships combined with the numerous social events throughout the year makes the long busy seasons manageable and makes me #AuditorProud.


Assistant Manager, Melbourne

My career at BDO started as a Graduate in December 2019. Since starting, I have had exposure to a range of industries and clients including Fintech, Retail and Financial Services. The audit role is one that is challenging and rewarding as you are constantly learning on the job. Every client is different which means I have the opportunity to improve my communication and technical skills every day.

I have been lucky to gain exposure to a great and experienced financial services team. Even though I am a junior, there is open communication with all levels of management so I always feel heard and part of the team, which I believe is due to the great culture at BDO #ONE.

To add to this, BDO is a fantastic asset for my training and support. During lockdown, my leaders have been extremely flexible and supportive with working from home arrangements which has allowed me to obtain some level of normality. Additionally, I am on track to finish my CA qualification thanks to the support I have received from BDO through its in-house CA training programs.

It is for these reasons and many more, that I am #AuditorProud.


Auditor, Sydney

As we adapt to change in this rapidly evolving world, COVID-19 has enforced the need to create a virtual working environment due to lockdowns and restricted travel. I am privileged to be a qualified CA(SA), which has enabled me to offer my skills and services worldwide.

The ability to work from my own home in South Africa, working globally on BDO in Australia and BDO USA audit engagements has been incredible. I find the key skills to working in such an environment are open communication, commitment, discipline and a good internet connection. I have had the privilege of working alongside high calibre people with talented skills.

Working in audit has given me exposure to diverse industries and interesting clients while making remote work exciting and flexible. For this I am #BDOProud and #AuditorProud to work with a firm that affords world-class opportunities for professional and personal development, and I am thankful for the opportunities I have been offered.


Senior Auditor, Sydney

After starting my career with BDO San Diego in sunny California, I thought it would be a fun idea to apply for an international secondment to BDO Australia. After all, the international secondment opportunities which BDO offers drove me to apply for BDO in the first place. What started as an application for a three-month secondment in Brisbane, turned into a two-year employment offer and I can confirm that accepting that offer was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Swapping offices has not only allowed me grow in my professional career, but has also allowed me to see the world from a new perspective. I swapped barbeques for sausage sizzles, the NFL for rugby league, and GAAP for IFRS. Some of my best memories will forever remain in the Brisbane office, from scoring my first try in a touch footy game, to dressing up with my co-workers for the Melbourne Cup.

I’m now three weeks into a year-long secondment in Sydney. Living in Bondi Beach is a life-long dream come true and even in a lockdown, I’ve been able to enjoy Sydney’s beautiful beaches, friendly people, and love for rugby league. I wake up every day #AuditorProud to be able to travel the world with BDO, and strongly encourage everyone to give our international secondments a try.


Assistant Manager, Sydney

Audit provides countless opportunities for growth and development, both personally and professionally.

What compelled me to apply for an audit position with BDO, was hearing the variety of businesses we would have the opportunity to work with, and the opportunity to learn and understand each client’s unique business requirements.

The amount of information that I continue to learn every day never ceases to amaze me. You may work on a number of different projects only to find that there are numerous different ways a business method is performed.

Not only has audit helped with expanding my knowledge on business, but it has also led to the development of my interpersonal skills. Each and every day, I have engaged and conversed with new people that have completely different approaches and attitudes, with each needing to be approached differently and for that, I’m #Auditorproud.


Manager, Perth

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