Audit Quality & Transparency

BDO is committed to quality and transparency

At BDO, we understand that quality and transparency are fundamental to building trust in capital markets and supporting investor confidence. Guided by our values of ONE, BOLD, HUMAN, STRIVE and HEART, audit quality remains our priority. Integrity and objectivity are core to who we are as auditors. We take great pride in our role upholding trust in the capital markets. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, focusing on the consistent execution of our audit methodology.  

Our Transparency Report 

Consistent with our values, we recognise we have a commitment to transparency for our people and our clients. We take our public interest responsibilities seriously. As part of our commitment to transparency, we publish our Transparency Report each year, demonstrating how we deliver quality audits that provide trust.  

Learn more about our investment in audit quality, and how it’s embedded into our actions and behaviours.   


Our ASIC Audit Inspection Reports 

We understand the importance of having a culture of quality embedded into our actions and behaviours. The measures we use to gauge our audit quality continues to demonstrate the high quality of BDO’s audits. 

To demonstrate how we deliver quality audits that provide trust, we publish our ASIC Audit Inspection Report. 


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