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BDO for Startups

BDO for Startups is our business advisory service exclusively for world-class entrepreneurs and founders. Our team works with their startup and scaleup clients to help them achieve their business goals and create the exceptional companies of tomorrow. Our mission is to become the Number 1 professional service offering for startups and scaleups in Australia, by believing in founders and startups ‘before they are famous’. 

Our BDO for Startups team uses our ‘Start to Scale’ framework to help startups move through the six phases of growth:

Startups methodology

The goal is to make sure our early stage, high growth company clients are always scaleable, investable and saleable, appropriate to their business stage. 

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Customise your service package

Every startup is different, so the way we support them varies also. You can choose from a wide range of services, mix and matching the options available to suit your particular needs.

Startup review and training

Are you scalable, investable and saleable right now? Let’s find out. The BDO for Startups team will go through an interactive due diligence investigation into your business, so you know exactly what a potential investor and/or buyer would see right now. We will also offer Xero and Data Room training for you and your team, and set up any additional entities (companies and/or trusts) required.

Startup+ accounting package

Our Startup+ accounting package is everything you need to make sure you are scaleable, investable and saleable each month. This package is includes monthly management reports, quarterly BAS preparation and lodgement, tax returns and financial statements, general Xero and tax support (up to five hours), and ASIC company administration, plus shareholder register upkeep.

Financial education and startup community

Our flagship financial and business education program is designed specifically for founders and CEOs of early stage, high growth companies. The program breaks down the basics of financial management so you can better understand how your numbers affect your day-to-day cashflow, investment requirements, human resources, operations, marketing and sales.

Throughout the program you also get access to:

  • Our online community of startups, investors, ecosystem supporters and corporate innovation champions
  • Monthly ‘founder long lunches' with guest speakers and peer advisory board sessions
  • Virtual officer hours with entrepreneurs in residence, professional service providers, experts and investors
  • Our network of professionals, investors and mentors/experts, along with deals and perks from our partners.

Additional support and advisory

BDO is one of the world’s leading accountancy and advisory organisations, so you will have access to a wide range of additional, growth focused services including:

  • R&D grant support
  • Employee share schemes
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Global expansion and international tax planning
  • CFO/adviser as a service
  • Personal tax returns and support
  • Due diligence and investment support
  • Valuations and investment memorandums
  • Exit planning/strategies (trade sale, M&A and/or IPO/listing).

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