Sustainability reporting

IFRS Foundation Trustees consider sustainability reporting

On 30 September 2020, the Trustees of the IFRS Foundation published a Consultation Paper on Sustainability Reporting (Paper). The paper sets out the view of the IFRS Foundation Trustees on how the IFRS Foundation may contribute to the development of consistent, global requirements for sustainability reporting, which would enhance the usefulness and comparability of information provided to stakeholders (e.g. investors, the corporate sector, central banks and market regulators).

BDO’s International Financial Reporting Bulletin (2020 13) summarises the current requirements for sustainability reporting, as well as the Trustees’ provisional approach, which is the creation of a Sustainability Standards Board to fall within the governance structure of the IFRS Foundation, alongside the International Accounting Standards Board.

Monitoring board

Deadline for comments

The Consultation Paper is available for public comment until 31 December 2020.