Seachange Lifestyles Resorts Group sells to Ingenia Communities

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Seachange Group sells to Ingenia Communities Group (ASX: INA) for a transaction value of $270m.

The Seachange Group has completed a $270m landmark deal to sell its leading active lifestyle resorts business to Ingenia Communities Group (ASX:INA).

The Seachange Group consists of six premium residential land lease communities (also referred to as Manufactured Home Estates) with extensive high-quality shared facilities strategically located throughout Southeast Queensland’s growth corridor.  These master-planned gated lifestyle resorts are designed and marketed for over 50’s active living. 

The Seachange Group portfolio is comprised of almost 700 occupied homes and a further 548 potential development sites across six lifestyle communities in South East Queensland, as well as an established operating and development platform. 

Ingenia is a leading Australian property group that owns, operates and develops a growing portfolio of lifestyle and holiday communities across key urban and coastal markets.  Ingenia is an S&P/ASX 200 entity with a market capitalisation of over $1.3 billion. 

BDO’s Mergers and Acquisitions Team, led by David Ward, ran a tightly controlled and highly competitive process to fully explore the expansion and capital options available to enable the future growth of the Seachange Group. These expansion opportunities allowed the Seachange Group to capitalise on its leading presence in the lifestyle sector market that is experiencing strong competitor interest and growing investor and consumer focus.  The result was the sale to Ingenia, a leading operator of lifestyle communities that is ideally placed to roll out the Seachange platform and carry on the Seachange legacy of creating people and communities of the future.