AgTech Advisory

AgTech advisory

Agriculture is undergoing a revolution, enabled by digital technologies that are transforming the way we produce, process and purchase food.

Driven by changing consumer demands and resource challenges, Agribusiness is adopting these technologies and systems to enable growth and efficiency whilst meeting new demands across the supply chain.

AgTech integrates technologies such as sensors, software, satellite imagery and robotics into agriculture, enabling Agribusiness to do more with less. Our team provides clarity and expertise in a complex and fractured technology eco-system.

Our AgTech services cover viticulture and wineries, cropping, horticulture, agribusiness logistics, food processing and retailing, and include:

  • Technologies: software systems, IOT, blockchain, AI, robotics
  • Ag-Tech advisory: requirements development, business case development, technology identification and research, due-diligence and risk advisory, solution architecture, procurement management, implementation project management
  • Data management and integration: data and information architecture, data preparation and migration, API integration and middleware development, data lake and warehouse development, BI reporting and dashboard visualisation, predictive business intelligence, data team as a service - analysts and developers.

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How BDO can help

AgTech commercialisation

By leveraging our team’s extensive network and experience in start-ups, we can help turn your research and early stage technology into a successful commercial venture.

We focus on business model and operational systems development to ensure your business has a solid foundation for growth, giving investors and potential agribusiness clients the confidence to support and adapt AgTech. Our commercialisation expertise includes:

  • Commercialisation strategy
  • Agribusiness market engagement
  • Investor readiness and capital raising
  • Business operating system development.

AgTech adoption

Technology such as sensors, farm management software, data and robotics are rapidly changing the AgTech landscape, presenting efficiency and growth opportunities but also complexity and risk.

Our process identifies, defines and documents your requirements, sourcing the right AgTech for your needs and building a holistic solution that considers all aspects of successful technology adoption and implementation. BDO’s team can help with:

  • Requirements development
  • Solution identification and due diligence
  • Solution architecture
  • Adoption management
  • Data integration and analytics.

Ecosystem advisory

The AgTech ecosystem provides economic growth and regional development opportunities which support a more sustainable Agricultural industry. BDO is uniquely placed to provide insight and support to organisations seeking to engage and collaborate with this network of developers, manufacturers, suppliers and government agencies either locally or internationally. Our team can help with:

  • Accelerator and incubator support
  • Investor deal identification
  • Ecosystem research and insights
  • AgTech engagement strategies.